Møbellåven was founded in Nittedal, Norway in 1968. We started out selling furniture from a rebuilt old pig-farm barn. We sold furniture belonging to different famous Norwegian brands.

In 1985, we decided to merge with ten other furniture companies in Norway. Together we operated under the name Møbelringen. Møbelringen went on to become one of the leading companies in the Norwegian furniture industry. Today, there are about 80 different furniture dealing companies under Møberingen.

Like the popular saying goes, "change is constant". In 2012, Mobellåven branched out on its own to explore new horizons. It's been a long and exciting journey of providing our customers with quality furniture. After 50 long years of commitment, we are proud to say that our priority has not changed; the satisfaction of our customers. Our drive for excellence has kept us at the pinnacle of the industry all these years.

About us:
Møbellåven is the preferred and leading Furniture company in Norway. We have a reputation for creativity, innovation, design, and quality. We sell all kinds of furniture from the best brands in Scandinavia. Our furniture products are characterized by uncompromising quality and innovative design solutions. We love to push conventional boundaries by merging our passion, commitment, and hunger for excellence. Providing customers with quality furniture is our mandate and by combining 50 years of experience with team effort, expertise and dedication to high standards, Mobellåven has risen to become a brand that is trusted and respected both by clients and peers in the furniture world.

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